Original Drink recipes

Original drinks and menus created between November 2022-March 2023

Rhubarbie Dreamhouse

A first attempt at lacto-fermentation meets an experiment in aperitiki

Yellowston single malt
blend of Flor de Caña 7yr + Smith & Cross
lacto-fermented strawberry rhubarb puree
agave syrup
coconut-oil washed Fernet Branca
coconut water
lemon juice
garnished w/ a lacto strawberry rhubarb fruit leather

The Dr. Is In

A complex and refreshing beverage to highlight my new amaro, Dr. Fernet.

sugar snap pea Plymouth gin
Dr. Pepper mezcal fernet
Chareau aloe liqueur
muddled cucumber
simple syrup
matcha + lime super juice

Day off in Kyoto

A negroni riff featuring three liqueurs made by yours truly.

Toki Suntory whisky
lychee + yuzu red bitter
umeshu vermouth
plum + ponzu foam

Tio Toma

A rich textured, yet refreshing, savory/sweet mezcal marg (2x sell out marg special)

espadín + barril Mezcal
fresh, cryo-concentrated honeydew juice
tomatillo + olive oil syrup
super blood orange + lime juice

Sesame Street

A sesame driven, split base sour with a savory, spicy kick.

tahini washed navy strength gin
sesame oil washed bourbon
gochujang syrup
acidulated pineapple
ginger + peppercorn tincture
vegan foamer
dehydrated pineapple pulp garnish

Magically Delicoso

A dairy-free cereal milk punch with irish + mexican roots.

blanco tequila
builder’s Irish gin
Xila licor 7 notas
prickly pear syrup
pineapple juice
lime Juice
Lucky Charms oat creamer clarified
Lucky Charms marshmallow and tajin rim

La Manzana

Warm Apple cider could never taste this good.

Reposado tequila
Turmeric + ginger agave syrup
Apple cider
Lime juice
Cinnamon sugar rim

Golazo Margarita

A celebration of STL City SC’s home opener.

agave spirit of choice (Mezcal recommended)
dry curaçao
clarified batch of:
acidulated pineapple juice
pineapple, passionfruit, + pomegranate syrup
Chinola passionfruit liqueur


A paloma riff that brings two classic mexican products to the fore.

blanco tequila
Modelo + chamoy reduction
Fever Tree grapefruit sode