Mini menus

Pop-up and holiday menus created for restaurants and private events.

Crush Comedy pop-up show 1

A drink made specially to highlight each of the organizing members of Crush Comedy.

Kinda Fruity
See the falernum remix I used as a base for this crushable, tropical, cold weather crusher.
Bi Panic
A garibaldi take on the form of the perfect winter patio pounder (if you could be on a pation in winter...).
A flavor combo you wouldn’t expect kicks ass in this chocolate milk clarified margarita riff.

Crush Comedy pop-up show 2

For the Valentine’s show, I wanted to incorporate flavors and names that make people think of the holiday.

U R Bittersweet
An upgrade on my chocolate strawberry mezcal negroni, using a strawberry + mole negro syrup.
Be Mine
Customizable punch that’s good enough to go with any spirit.
Jell-O Shots
Who asked for pickleback Jell-O shots? No one, but I did it anyway.

Birthday Drinks

Made a mini menu for my birthday with some exciting flavor pairings and new techniques.

Birfday Hooch
I love rum and whiskey, and wanted to develop something around my Donn’s Super Jucie (Donn’s Mix x Grapefruit super juice).
Last Slice
I’d made a stovetop distillation of chocolate cake and an amaro di amarena. What goes better with chocolate and cherry than a mezcal last word?
Beer Hug
Home fermented ginger beer, with added passionfruit and poblano purees.
Jell-O Shots
You thought Ferraris and picklebacks were good in liquid form, but that’s just because you’ve never had them in Jell-O form.

Cinco de Mayo

A trio of drink specials for the busiest day of the year at Nixta in St. Louis, MO.

Draggin’ Fruit
A margarita made to refresh on a warm May day.
A savory take on a paloma that takes on a vegetable and herb forward, savory flavor profile.
M ‘n’ Zen
The M&M gets the margarita treatment, balanced out by tannic grea tea concentrate acidulated to lime strength.

Valentine’s Specials

Three drinks. One sour, one stirred, and one N/A. Something to make sure everyone can celebrate.

Besa de Fresa
A chocolate strawberry mezcal negroni, using my house made creme de cacao.
Margarita Agridulce
A margarita that includes a bitter twist on fassionola syrup. The syrup balances the tropical sweetness with Earl Grey tea.
N/Ada Personal
The shirley temple gets a traditional Mexican lift with house-made mole grenadine (a mixture of house grenadine and the kitchen’s mole negro).