Veja: “Run It Back” Marathon

SEPT 2019
Ad Campaign
St. Louis, MO
Typefaces: Pillow Lava by Anton Moglia and Jérémy Landes with Velvetyne Type Foundry and Montserrat by Julieta Ulanovsky.

    When ethical footwear brand Veja made the move in athletic footwear in the fall of 2019 the main barrier they were set to face was proving that a shoe could be made from all sustainable materials and still hold up in quality for exercise. What better way than to have some brand ambassadors run a marathon in them. Built on this insight, I developed the Veja: “Run It Back” Marathon to promote the launch of their 100% recycled material running shoe, The Condor.
    This launch event and its accompanying campaign use the tagline “Run without a footprint,” keeping both Veja’s sustainability mission and this new shoe-line’s capabilities as an exercise shoe at the top of mind.