The Other Stuff

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I’m currently researching for my capstone project topic. Slide on over to my page to see the content I’m looking at on a weekly basis. And stay tuned for my capstone in the spring!

My absolute favorite podcast at the moment is Clever with Amy Devers. So many amazing conversations helping to shape my view of the deisgn industry and role as a designer.

While being on winter break at home, I’ve been exploring my new cookbooks from Yottam Ottolenghi’s collection. Everything’s a hit and (almost) all of the recipes are easily made vegan.

Since I went abroad just about a year ago, I made a playlist of all of my favorite foreign language music. One of many killer playlists on my Spotify.

A wonderful resource thanks to the work of Design for Black Lives. Either reach out to me if you’re in need of pro bono work, or find a designer more suited to your needs/style with this form. If you’re a designer also looking to offer up your services, fill out this form.

There’s a new season of Great British Baking Show, so if you’re like me and suddenly spend all of your Friday nights trying not to go to bed at 9:30, here’s an hour delay to that!

If you also grew up LOVING Percy Jackson, but find you get judged for reading “kids books” as an adult, or whatever, Madeleine Miller has the solution. Currently reading The Song of Achilles, and it’s got me feeling serious Percy Jackson nostalgia, in all the best ways.

The student agency, Two Birds Creative Studio, where I got my start in design 7 years ago is still pumping out great work. Give them a peep and keep your eyes peeled for high schooler me.