Nixta Cocktail menu Summer ‘23

MAY 2023
Menu design
St. Louis, MO 

The Nixta cocktail menu was old, tired, and lacked any real variation in drink options. The drinks were poorly described and the menu design was too cluttered.
Key Insight
While I like making more adventerous + experimental drinks, the audience of the restaurant wanted flavors and concepts they were more familiar with. The drinks also had to be able to be prepped by others on staff. However, there was still room to be interesting.
I created a new set of drinks that highlighted Mexican culinary staples and Mexican spirits, while staying grounded in familiar flavors + spirits. Organizing the menu into broader cocktail categories also helped guests get a sense of which drink they would like most.

Final Menu

Claro que sí
blanco tequila
acid adjusted aloe + watermelon juice
5 tropical fruit syrup (mango, guava, cherimoya, lucuma, + mamey)
hojicha infused curacao
ghost pepper tincture
hojicha steeped soy milk clarified

Seasonal Margarita
hibiscus-infused mezcal
blood orange
poblano pepper
dry curaçao

Amarillo Grande
reposado Tequila
rye whiskey
Nixta licor de elote
house curry bitters
worm salt solution

Raicilla Later
Mommenpop blood orange
Lillet blanc
Zucca rabarbaro
cardamom bitters
orange bitters

Adios Pepino
kiwi syrup
Chareau aloe liqueur

pineapple infused jamaican rum blend
Salers gentian
Giffard banane du bresil
pineapple juice
coconut syrup
verde bitters (lime leaf, pandan, + aguacate)
atomized Green Chartreuse

Soda Stereo
tamarind infused bourbon
Ancho Reyes
mango puree
acidulated green tea concentrate
ginger beer
Amargo Vallet float

Dirty Horchata Martini
Licor 43 horchata
house coffee liqueur
orange bitters

Platano Carajillo
plantain chip infused Licor 43
Tso’ok Oaxacan rum
cold brew concentrate